• Mike McIntyre

    Square Dance Caller/Instructor

    Rivermont Ramblers Square Dance Club

    Lake Frederick Squares

    Frederick County Promenaders

    WV Panhandlers


    1. Rivermont Ramblers Club Dances are in progress. Youth Center, 200 E 8th St, Front Royal, VA 22630.

    Classes will be on Tuesday Nights Starting Sept. 12, 2023. 7 till 9 pm.

    Dance Schedule is now available below.


    2. Frederick County Promenaders Classes will be starting in September on Wednesday Nites.

    Dan Grimes is the caller/instructor

    Location: Ballenger Community Center, 5460 Jefferson Pike, Frederick, MD 21703 7:30 till 9:15 pm

    Club dances are in progress, see Schedule now available below.


    3. WV Panhandlers Classes will be starting Sept. 7, 2023. Location at Asbury United Methodist Church, Asbury Center, 104 W North St., Charles Town, WV 25414

    Time is 7:30 till 9:30 pm Thursday Nites

    Regular Club Dance Schedule is now available below.


    Welcome new dancers. 


    Please contact me if you have any questions about these classes or dances.


    See You On The Dance Floor,


    last update : 05/29/2023


  • Hi, my name is Mike McIntyre

    I love working with passionate people, learning and sharing what I've learned with them.

    This website is my window to share my hobby, Modern Western Square Dancing, with my New and Seasoned Square Dancer friends.

    As a Square Dance Caller, I enjoy teaching the Modern Western Square Dance thru the Plus Level, and Providing entertaining dance choreography and variety with singing calls, ensures an enjoyable dance night at all of my club dances.


    Please find Links on the Side Panel to access

    TAMINATIONS - animated learning tool for each CALL


    CALLERLAB.ORG - An International Square Dance Callers Organization Website

    Calls 'n' Cues Magazine - Washington Area Squaredance Cooperative Association official free online publication.

    Frederick County Promenaders website.

  • Welcome New Dancers


    Lake Frederick Basic Class Information:

    Lake Frederick is not dancing at this time.

  • Welcome New Dancers




    SQUARE DANCE LESSON PROGRESSION GUIDE Class 1 Date: REVIEW OF 2 FREE SESSIONS1.Circle L & R2. Forward and Back3. DoSaDo4. Swing5A. Couples Promenade full and half6. Allemand Left8A. Right and Left Grand5B. Single File Promenade12B. Ladies Backtrack9. Stars (right and left)10. Pass Thru – PASSING RULE15. Courtesy Turn16AB. 2 or 4 ladies chain7. right and left Arm Turns5D. Star Promenade11C. Ladies In Men Sashay8B. Weave the Ring12A. U Turn Back11AB. Half Sashay, Rollaway22. Right and Left Thru23. Grand Square Class 2 Date: 24. Star Thru18. Lead Right19. Veer Left20. Bend the Line21. AC. Circulate family from 2 faced lines, couples,boys, girls, ends, centers.19. Veer Right25. California Twirl Class 3 Date: 13AB. Separate around 1; 2; etc.36AB. Trade family,couples, boys, girls, centers, ends, (2 faced lines)14. Split the Outside Couple36C. Partner Trade Class 4 Date:16C. Chain Down the Line29. Circle to a Line55. Pass to the Center Class 5 Date:28. Square Thru26. Walk Around Your Corner27. See Saw Class 6 Date:5A. Promenade ¾BREAK DOWN RULE5C. (wrong way promenade)9. Box Stars ie., Hds Sq-4, Right hand Star w/sides, Hds Star left to the same 2(corner) Class 7 Date:31. Wheel Around35. Box the Gnat37AB. Ocean wave balanceOCEAN WAVE RULEFACING COUPLES RULE39. Swing Thru40. Run Family, boys, girls, centers, ends,(2 faced lines, waves)36A. Trade (waves)21ABC. Circulate (waves), All 8 Circulate Class 8 Date:17. Do Pa So32AB. Allemande Thar34. Shoot the Star, Full Around33. Slip the Clutch38. Alamo Style Wave39. Alamo Swing Thru Class 9 Date:47. FlutterwheelReverse the Flutter48. Sweep ¼43. Wheel and Deal (2 faced lines)51. Ferris Wheel Class 10 Date:44. Double Pass Thru45. FIRST COUPLE LEFT – NEXT RIGHT42. EXTEND 41. Pass The Ocean50. Touch ¼21D. Circulate, single file21E. CIRCULATE split/box49. Trade By Class 11 Date:46. Zoom43. Wheel and Deal (lines of 4) Class 12 Date:REVIEW BASICS{ALP MAINSTREAM LIST} Class 13 Date:53. Turn Thru(28. left square thru)52. Cloverleaf39. Left Swing Thru54. Eight Chain Thru Class 14 Date:59. Spin the Top57. Centers In58. Cast Off ¾ Class 15 Date:61. Slide Thru60. Walk and Dodge56. Single Hinge Class 16 Date:65. Tag the Line66. Half Tag67. Scoot Back Class 17 Date:62. Fold Family boys, girls, centers, ends, cross40. Cross Run Class 18 Date:30. INSIDE ARCH AND DIVE THRU63. Dixie Style to a Wave37. Left hand wave Class 19 Date:56. Couples Hinge68. Recycle64. Spin Chain Thru(32C. wrong way thar) Class 20 Date:But on the 3rd / 5th hand conceptExample:Heads Promenade ½, Lead Right, Circle to a Line,Slide Thru, Square thru 5 but on the 5th hand, Spin Chain Thru,Swing Corner, Promenade 
    Please note: This is the list as taught in the 2012-2013 season. In the 2011-2012 season the course was taught in 17 classes, due to a number of things. No Snow Days, only 4 students – 2 of which danced as teenagers, no absentee students.Revised 07-19-2013 

  • Rivermont Ramblers Club Dance Info:

    The Rivermont Ramblers 2022 & 2023 Schedule


    Jun 13, Tuesday


    Youth Center

    Mike Sikorsky CallnCue

    7:30 – 10:00

    Jul 14, Friday


    Youth Center

    Mike McIntyre CallnCue

    PR 7:30 / 2x2 8-10:00

    Jul 28, Friday


    Youth Center

    Mike McIntyre CallnCue

    PR 7:30 / 2x2 8-10:00

    Aug 11, Friday


    Youth Center

    Mike McIntyre CallnCue

    PR 7:30 / 2x2 8-10:00

    Aug 25, Friday


    Youth Center

    Mike McIntyre CallnCue

    PR 7:30 / 2x2 8-10:00

    Sep 22, Friday


    Youth Center

    Mike McIntyre CallnCue

    PR 7:30 / 2x2 8-10:00

    Oct 13, Friday


    Youth Center

    Matt Worley – Caller

    Butch Bloxom - Cuer

    PreRounds 7:00-8:00

    2x2 8:00 – 10:00

    Oct 27, Friday


    Youth Center

    Mike McIntyre CallnCue

    PR 7:30 / 2x2 8-10:00

    Dec 8, Friday

    Christmas Special

    Youth Center

    Mike McIntyre Calling

    Butch Bloxom Cueing

    PreRounds 7:00-8:00

    2x2 8:00 – 10:00

    Dec 31, Sunday

    Ringing in the New Year (Panhandlers & Ramblers)

    Asbury United Methodist Church - 110 W North St, Charles Town, WV 25414

    McIntyre, Lavigne, Callers

    Butch Bloxom, Cuer

    Pre-rounds 8-9:00

    2x2’s 9-12:00

    Raymond Santmyers Youth Center, 200 E. 8th Street, Front Royal

    Info: Phone: 703 932 4112 or 540 636 2323; e-mail: ncapozio@yahoo.com

  • Frederick County Promenaders Club Information



    All Dances 240-356-1255

    Mt. Pleasant Ruritan Club


    8101 Crum Road ● Walkersville, MD

    Frederickcountypromenaders.com (Off MD 26; Liberty Rd.) Facebook.com/frederickcountypromenaders

  • WV Panhandlers Club Information

    This club used to be Martinsburg Panhandlers, but now is dancing at the Asbury United Methodist Church "Asbury Center" in Charles Town, WV, Most dances will be on the first and third Saturdays of the Month. There classes will be on Thursday evenings, starting September 7th.

    Link to Dance Schedule

    Link to Class Flier

    Panhandlers Square Dance Club | Facebook






    Best Hobby Ever:

    Square Dance Caller 

    Mar 1981 – Present


    I have been calling since 1981 and completed a callers school in Las Vegas in 1982. I started with the Caper Cutters in Mills, WY. Other clubs include Single Wheels in Casper, WY., Rawhide and Ruffles in Manassas, VA., Westernairs in Hagarstown, MD., Blue Ridge Twirlers in Winchester, VA., Rivermont Ramblers in Front Royal, VA., Shenandoah Valley Squares Exibition Team, Apple Valley Squares in Wincester, VA., Lake Frederick Squares in Lake Frederick, VA., Frederick County Promenaders in Frederick, MD.,

    and WV Panhandlers in Charles Town, WV.


    I am a member of Callerlab, Virginia Callers Assoc., Shenandoah Valley Callers Council, National Capitol Area Square Dance Leaders Assoc., and Virginia Square and Round Dance Assoc.


    The Dance is the glue that holds the dancers together. These dancers are all my friends, my inspiration, the reason I have continued to call for 40 years and counting. I am always looking for new friends to join this activity.